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Like me you may be going through a transition period in your life. In this time period you may be trying to say “no” to what no longer speaks to you or serves you. The thing is you may view it as way to clear out things to make room for more joy in your life. It can be a trying time, and you may find yourself feeling anxious and stressed out (give yourself more self-compassion during this time). You may find yourself relearning or unlearning things that are against what  ...

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mental health

Share your story

Have you ever felt stuck/lost/confused on the path that you’ve taken? You are not alone. Oftentimes you may feel inclined to help others, but what about YOU? You may need help, too. When you neglect yourself, you may feel exhausted and unmotivated. You may question your actions and feel shame. You may not be aware of the different feelings and bodily signals that are trying to send you a message. You are not alone. It’s okay to share your stories with others. Your friends may  ...

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