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Learning through loss

    You may have noticed that the blog posts haven’t been so consistent lately. August has been quite a month. Not only has it signaled the end of summer, it’s also meant that my parents and I survived a 10-day Europe trip with British Airways losing our luggages for 5 days and toward the end of the trip, we had to say “good bye” to my beloved dog, Lucky. Gosh, that had to be the hardest decision we’ve had to make and to make it worse, we had to make that  ...

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Free Webinar: Back to School Edition

Prepare you and your child for a smooth back to school. Learn strategies on how to best transition from Summer mode to Ready for School mode. Presented by Dr. Alisa Chatprapachai, OTD, OTR/L   Available sessions: 8/12 at 11 AM, 8/13 at 3 PM, 8/15 at 5 PM All 3 sessions cover the same content.   Once registered, please be on the lookout for a confirmation email.  Feel free to leave a comment below on topics that you’d like to be covered at the webinar.

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You don’t need fixing

You’re already born good and imperfectly perfect. Don’t believe others when they say you’re not enough because you already are. (You can’t control what they say.) Many people go through life thinking they’re not worthy and in fact they are already precious. (Oftentimes, others don’t spend as much energy thinking about you as you have about them.) As Kathryn Stockett graciously puts it, “You is smart, You is kind, You is important.” Remind  ...

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Invest in yourself

Some of you hardly ever do anything for yourself; some of you splurge a little too much (me? I go through phases). Today we dive into the topic of investing in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you put in time for your own growth. You say to your present and future self “hey, you’re worth it.” There’s no beating around the bush. It’s you vs. you. Investing in yourself may mean visiting a local library or museum, treating yourself with a nice meal for a  ...

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