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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Today’s inspiration comes from my current reading of Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant’s Option B book. She mentioned psychologist Carol Dweck’s research on mindset. Mindset is defined as “beliefs—beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. Think about your intelligence, your talents, your personality.” Growth mindset means that you believe you can improve. Fixed mindset means that you don’t believe you can improve. Understanding these two  ...

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April Inspiration

Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (I re-read this book and loved it. I usually don’t re-read books, so this says a lot about this book. Definitely in my Top 5.) Health: Mor Keaw (Dr. Green) Alternative Medicine; Dr. Mike Lara‘s Seminar on Medical Foods Community: Option B (building resilience in the face of adversity) Podcast: Katie Couric’s interview with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant Child development: (includes passport to the park and passport  ...

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