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New beginnings

Happy Fall Season and Happy October. Anyone excited for pumpkin everything, picturesque landscape, the crunch of leaves, and layers of clothes? Me! Well, depending on where you live, you may not get to experience actual seasons, but still, one can imagine, right? How do we cultivate mindfulness during this time? This season is especially pivotal for me because not only had I started a new full-time position, but I also moved. I know this is fixed term for me, so I am trying my best to enjoy  ...

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Learning through loss

    You may have noticed that the blog posts haven’t been so consistent lately. August has been quite a month. Not only has it signaled the end of summer, it’s also meant that my parents and I survived a 10-day Europe trip with British Airways losing our luggages for 5 days and toward the end of the trip, we had to say “good bye” to my beloved dog, Lucky. Gosh, that had to be the hardest decision we’ve had to make and to make it worse, we had to make that  ...

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When everything feels like work

Let’s do a check-in. How are you really feeling lately? When your usual activities start to feel routine or feels like work, that’s a sign to really start paying attention. Are you giving yourself enough rest and play? Those two occupations are essential to a balanced lifestyle and cannot be neglected. I repeat, we need rest and play in addition to work. Now you may ask, “Where in the world do you find time for that?!” The good news is that you don’t have to be  ...

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