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Being Okay with What Is

I’m in my late 20s, post-grad, single and choosing to live at home with my parents. Oftentimes I reminisce about school and college days where making friends was easy. Many of them were so close! Keeping friends is a way different story though. As humans we are very much social beings. However, the way we draw our energy is different. If you’re an introvert, you tend to gain your energy from doing activities on your own such as reading a book. If you’re an extrovert, you gain energy from  ...

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Waiting game

Many of you have probably been through a waiting period or perhaps are in one now, like me. Perhaps you’re waiting for a job offer or an internship. You may be waiting for someone to respond back because it’s URGENT, you know? I am in a similar situation. It’s incredibly hard to sit and wait, knowing that it’s out of your control. You may feel anxiety, and it can affect the way you function. So, today I invite you, dear one, to trust in the universe, to trust that it has your back. You may  ...

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Circle of Friends

Be with someone who allows you to be yourself or just stay single, right? The world already has enough problems, and I don’t need you to be a part of the growing list. Today’s topic is about support system. Who do you consider to be part of your support system? An exercise that I recently did was Circle of Friends. I drew myself in the first since I knew myself best. This visual exercise provided me with clarity in terms of my relationships. While it’s possible to be  ...

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Do you feel behind on life? Read this.

Hey, so the good news is that you’re not the only one feeling behind on life. It’s actually really common. Every one experiences some level of stress and anxiety to some degree. Not all will admit to having it. Anxiety can be helpful for you to make you stop and think about priorities. Spending too much time with it, though, can consume your life. Stop and breathe. Pause. Really. Tune in to what feels good to you. Focus on what you want right now at this moment. Relax your  ...

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