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Theme for the New Year

What’s your theme? Figuring out a theme for the year can help bring focus to the chaos of life. I’ve decided that mine will be quality time. I’ve realized that for me to thrive I need more quality time with myself, my loved ones, and those who have similar interests. Through quality time I’ll be able to establish a healthier connection with my mind, body and spirit and in turn give back to the community fully. Who else is with me?

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Lessons from 2016

This year was especially rough for me. I lost my grandma. If you know me, I talk about my grandma, like a lot. I still feel like I’m in a dream-like state. There have been nights I miss her so much it hurts. Every year I saved up money to visit her. Thailand = grandma. She will always be a hero. Six months after Grandma’s passing, Thai people lost their King/Father. As a Thai American I try to be as connected to my Thai roots as possible. In the U.S. being able to see a woman on  ...

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