Showing up as yourself

Have you felt unsatisfied with your relationships? I’m talking about any relationships, not just romantic ones.

A big portion of your life may be spent trying to please others, to fit in in order to experience “a sense of belonging.” You’re not the only one.

As you grow older you learn that sacrificing our true selves doesn’t mean automatic belonging. There comes a time when you feel so jaded of not being able to show up as yourselves for different reasons. Can this be over now?

Of course, you get self-conscious, too. Will A, B or C really like me if they know really know me? Will they judge me if they find out? What if they leave me? Will I be accepted? The questions are non-stop like a leaky pipe that’s splashing all over. Not being yourself is tiring. It’s like having a heavy backpack with you all the time.

Now what?

Know that you can’t control what others think or do, but you change your mindset. So, let’s take off that heavy backpack and breathe for a few conscious breaths. Is it worth sacrificing yourself to gain friends? Are they really a true friend? Invest in the people who invest in you. Control the things that you can and let go the things that you can’t.

Think about the 5 people you care about the most. These 5 people’s opinions you can listen and respect, but you don’t even have to follow their advice. So, if they don’t make it to your top 5 people list, too bad, so sad, your dad. You have the power to decide. You can do you. You have the permission to do that starting right now. Here, I’m handing you a permission slip to show up more as yourself.

Yes, yes, I know it’s not easy. You care about your family and “friends.” At the end of they day, if you’re happy, you’re vibing positive/happy vibes to people. They can sense it. If you’re anxious and unsure about it, you’ll be vibing those energy outward. How you feel inward affects the outward presentation. People can often tell (unless you’re an excellent actor).

Just to recap:

  • Show up more as yourself
  • Invest in the people who invest in you
  • Consider the 5 people whom you care about the most
  • Control the things that you can and let go of the things that you can’t

Share below on how you’re showing up more as yourself!

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