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It finally feels like fall

Fall season has finally arrived in LA. It’s about time! Who else is excited about layers and boots?

Yesterday, I got to revisit my old workplace at UCLA TIES for Families. I can’t believe that it’s been exactly 5 months since I last worked there. October would have marked my 3-year work anniversary. This was one of two first jobs after my OTD residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities in pediatric mental health.

It seemed like nothing has changed and I’m sitting in my boss’s office for supervision. I’m grateful for the opportunity that as part of my new job with USC as an academic coordinator of fieldwork education, I get to coordinate and visit potential fieldwork sites among other things. I get to tap into my network, OT and the mental health community, to figure out a way OT students can be involved with potential fieldwork sites. I feel that things are coming together – that I get to combine my interest in mental health advocacy and OT in my current job. This will be my new normal for the next few months, and then I’ll worry about what comes after March later.

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