New beginnings

Happy Fall Season and Happy October. Anyone excited for pumpkin everything, picturesque landscape, the crunch of leaves, and layers of clothes? Me! Well, depending on where you live, you may not get to experience actual seasons, but still, one can imagine, right?

How do we cultivate mindfulness during this time? This season is especially pivotal for me because not only had I started a new full-time position, but I also moved. I know this is fixed term for me, so I am trying my best to enjoy the novelty of environment (no wi-fi/no kitchen) and also the transition to a more sedentary, yet enjoyable job. I’m beginning to feel more adjusted to my new role and the demands of the job. I’m grateful for the support system at work. My co-workers really make my job more enjoyable and less daunting. I’m taking a break from clinical practice and instead am coordinating fieldwork sites, especially mental health placements, for occupational therapy students. As part of my role, I get to collaborate with new and existing sites, offer guidance to students, work as a fieldwork team, conduct site visits, etc. I find that I enjoy doing many things at once, considering that I have had 3 jobs at the same time this year.

To practice mindfulness we can acknowledge all the past experiences, the pleasant and challenging ones that made us grow, that we’ve had this year that led to the unraveling of the this chapter, which is the now. Trust that you’re on the right path. Trust in yourself, your strengths, and resilience.

Please feel free to comment below or submit questions that you may have.

With warmth and love.


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