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Invest in yourself

Some of you hardly ever do anything for yourself; some of you splurge a little too much (me? I go through phases). Today we dive into the topic of investing in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you put in time for your own growth. You say to your present and future self “hey, you’re worth it.” There’s no beating around the bush. It’s you vs. you.

Investing in yourself may mean visiting a local library or museum, treating yourself with a nice meal for a party of one, enrolling in an arts class, etc. Don’t let the “should of, could of, would of” limit you. Let’s face it, there’s no perfect time.

Let’s think back to your childhood activities. What were you like? How did you spend your time indoors and outdoors?

This weekend I visited a new museum, got some paint and paint brushes, and read an inspiring book. This is just one idea.

You’re in charge of your life. You are in the driver seat. Enjoy the ride!


picture credit: Irene N. taken at Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, July 2017.

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