Purposeful pause

Ever feel like you’re always on the go, from the moment you wake up till the moment you go back to bed? Ever stop to think that maybe you don’t need to rush all the time? You don’t need to be like the majority. Society and other people can mess with your mind sometimes if you let it.

Today I invite you to take a break and take a breath with me and feel your body. Which parts move when you inhale? Which parts move when you exhale? Repeat this exercise a few times. You may close your eyes.

Your breath is an important tool, easily accessible and free! Use it to your advantage now. 

When you notice your breathing patterns, you may surprised that you, like me, hold your breath during certain times of the day. For me I hold my breath when I’m driving. Through my mindfulness practice I’m noticing more instances of that and continue to breathe. I’ve learned that driving close to the dividers or sandwiched between two cars especially trucks make me super nervous. I use my breath to ease my mind and it works.


picture from my trip to Banff in May 2017

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