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May 2017

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When everything feels like work

Let’s do a check-in. How are you really feeling lately? When your usual activities start to feel routine or feels like work, that’s a sign to really start paying attention. Are you giving yourself enough rest and play? Those two occupations are essential to a balanced lifestyle and cannot be neglected. I repeat, we need rest and play in addition to work. Now you may ask, “Where in the world do you find time for that?!” The good news is that you don’t have to be  ...

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Today’s inspiration comes from my current reading of Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant’s Option B book. She mentioned psychologist Carol Dweck’s research on mindset. Mindset is defined as “beliefs—beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. Think about your intelligence, your talents, your personality.” Growth mindset means that you believe you can improve. Fixed mindset means that you don’t believe you can improve. Understanding these two  ...

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