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April 2017

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Let’s talk about feet

Do you realize how many times you use your feet in one day? Whether it’s through walking or sitting with the feet on the ground, you are being supported by feet. It’s part of you, a pretty essential one. Are you giving the love and care they deserve? How comfortable do you feel wearing shoes that support your feet? Some people have high arches or wider feet, which can be tricky to find that just-right pair of shoes. Many say it’s worth it to invest on a pair of comfortable  ...

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What is home to you? What makes it feel like home? Is it a physical place, a person, a thing, or a feeling? There are no right or wrong answers. Home can be on your yoga mat, in your rocking chair, in your bed, in music, just to name a few. Life is an unfolding process and home can be a constant force of calm or change depending on how you look at it. If you don’t feel at home right now, how can you create the home you want with your current situation? It may be easy to compare your  ...

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