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March 2017


Being open to new possibilities

As seasons change you may wonder about things that can be let go. Oftentimes you carry around certain emotions and unresolved issues with you that may manifest as physical tension or mental stress. As winter turns to spring, now is the time to let go of all your hopes and dreams of the past and focus your precious energy on the present. Keep an open heart and see how far you’ll go.

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Today I’d like to share about one of the basics that often gets overlooked: drinking water. Yesterday I had a direct experience of dehydrated driving, a very important matter. Imagine yourself feeling dizzy, thirsty, out of breath, and unable to concentrate. Imagine dehydration coupled with night driving, consumption of caffeine and sugar, and anxiety. Not a desirable combo. Do you recognize your bodily cues when they try to send signals? Sometimes we are so busy chugging along in our  ...

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