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February 2017


What happens when you really love yourself

You feed your body what it actually needs. You feed your mind what it actually needs. You feed your heart what it actually needs. It’s okay if you don’t really love yourself..yet. You can start right now. Feel the body, feel the mind, and feel the heart.  When you do that, you not only survive, you thrive. You will then be able to help others fully.

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Dogs have feelings too

This weekend my family and I decided that we were going to dedicate more time as a family, dogs included. I looked into dog parks in the area, researched parking options (they have annual passes and senior/disability discounts), and made the outing happen. To see the joy my dogs felt during this outing was so worth it. All the preparation that went into planning a family outing, at first, was a bit time-consuming (i.e., where to park to purchase the pass, protecting the car seats, getting  ...

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mental health

Feeling overwhelmed

Ever feel overwhelmed? Yup, that’s exactly how I’m feeling right about now. I am a human being and I have feelings. I am choosing to honor this feeling now. I am not pushing it away. I am sitting with the discomfort. I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling this. I know that the feeling will pass. I will be okay. I am okay.

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