mental health

A plan of action

As a human being, you are bound to feel frustrated. You may be getting frustrated on a regular basis, but do you realize the feeling? How can you prepare for it?

Today I urge you to write down steps to take when you get frustrated. Writing down this list can make you feel better. Having a dog sit on your lap can also help.

An example of a plan of action may look like this:

1. Take deep, controlled breaths. Really feel and follow each breath.
2. Take a drink of water.
3. Write down your thoughts/feelings on paper or typing them out.
4. Take a walk.
5. Turn on music (and dance away).
6. Talk to someone.
7. Cry.
8. Punch a pillow.

Every one will experience frustrations. How we deal with these differ from person to person. You can equip yourself with tools that work for you. You can get through this, one breath at a time.

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