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January 2017

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Calm Corner’s January Favorites – Guide to Calm

What a month! This month has been quite hectic, but I still try to find calm and happiness in every day. Check out some of these calm/inspiring products recommended by Calm Corner for this month to help you find calm: Lifestyle The Artist of Life Workbook by Lavendaire (shoutout to Aileen for her hard work!!) Weighted blankets/lap pads by the Soothing Stitches Project (shoutout to Nicole for her dedication!!) Passion Planner 2017 – Compact Size (A5 – 5.5″x8.5″)  ...

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A plan of action

As a human being, you are bound to feel frustrated. You may be getting frustrated on a regular basis, but do you realize the feeling? How can you prepare for it? Today I urge you to write down steps to take when you get frustrated. Writing down this list can make you feel better. Having a dog sit on your lap can also help. An example of a plan of action may look like this: 1. Take deep, controlled breaths. Really feel and follow each breath. 2. Take a drink of water. 3. Write down your  ...

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How to exercise every single day

Eat less, exercise more? We have all heard it before, but how does that really look like for you? You all know the importance of physical activity and the benefits, but how are you going to achieve this goal? Forget the gym membership, try these strategies instead to make exercise an easy (and hopefully, fun) daily activity for you. As a mindfulness practitioner and meditation instructor, I usually try to avoid multi-tasking, but here are a few exceptions.. -Walk and talk – having a  ...

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Now is the time to lean in. Now is more important than ever for you to get involved. Now is the time to get outside your comfort zone. Now is the time for you to show up and be heard. Even though you may feel small, inexperienced, or young, you are relevant and important. I know how it feels to be the only young person in the room. I take a deep breath and walk in with my face held high and a smile of confidence. I grab a seat at the table, fix the misspelling of my 13-letter last name, and  ...

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