Commuter life

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic, especially in La La Land? Is this the norm or the exception in your life? Usually I commute 3-4 hours/day for a few years now. In a work week that’s about 20 hours a week. That’s 80 hours a month. 960 hours a year! Holy smokes.

I know this is not sustainable for me in the long run. For now I try to make the best of the commute. What helped me was to get a gym membership that allowed me access to multiple locations in order to avoid some of the traffic.

Here are a few multi-sensory strategies to get you through traffic:

-Pack healthy snacks (carrots, nuts, apples, etc.). Crunchy foods are usually alerting
-Listen to inspirational Podcasts, CDs, etc. Why not make this commute time spiritual time? There’s nothing wrong with listening to the news or radio if you wish. If you’re sleepy, turning the volume up can help or switching to upbeat music for a bit
-Roll down the window to let some noise and fresh air in
-Try not to follow a big truck/vehicle as they may block your view. Being able to see in front may offer more visual stimulation
-Alter your hand/leg positions while still keeping them safe
-Give your ears a pull/tap your face/massage your neck
-Use oils/ointments to wake up your olfactory sense
-Call a friend. Leave a voicemail. Serenade her/him. Speak in weird accents.
-Stop at a gas station/coffee shop if you need. Safety is #1
-Shrug shoulders to ears and release them
-Breathe in the traffic, breathe out calmness/happiness                                                                                                                                                    -Add some flavor to your water. I’m a fan of sparkling water lately.

You can do this.

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