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December 2016


Commuter life

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic, especially in La La Land? Is this the norm or the exception in your life? Usually I commute 3-4 hours/day for a few years now. In a work week that’s about 20 hours a week. That’s 80 hours a month. 960 hours a year! Holy smokes. I know this is not sustainable for me in the long run. For now I try to make the best of the commute. What helped me was to get a gym membership that allowed me access to multiple locations in order to avoid some of  ...

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Prized possessions

When I worked with my client today, I realized the importance of being surrounded by stuff that you love. She was so proud to show me her gifts from Europe that she got from years ago. What was apparent was that she hand-picked each of this item and cherished each one. Each item came with a story. The details of the picture frame, the umbrella, the bar cart, the eating utensils, and the tea set were very intricate. Each item sparked joy for her. She didn’t value quantity, but she  ...

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Theme for the New Year

What’s your theme? Figuring out a theme for the year can help bring focus to the chaos of life. I’ve decided that mine will be quality time. I’ve realized that for me to thrive I need more quality time with myself, my loved ones, and those who have similar interests. Through quality time I’ll be able to establish a healthier connection with my mind, body and spirit and in turn give back to the community fully. Who else is with me?

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Lessons from 2016

This year was especially rough for me. I lost my grandma. If you know me, I talk about my grandma, like a lot. I still feel like I’m in a dream-like state. There have been nights I miss her so much it hurts. Every year I saved up money to visit her. Thailand = grandma. She will always be a hero. Six months after Grandma’s passing, Thai people lost their King/Father. As a Thai American I try to be as connected to my Thai roots as possible. In the U.S. being able to see a woman on  ...

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