mental health

Warmline = Lifeline

Ever feel lonely, especially during late hours of the night?

No one to call?

Call the Warmline.

Today I had the honor of learning about a cool program NAMI Warmline OC that operates a stunning 18 hours a day, until 3 AM! LA Warmline operates during the nights until 6 AM. SF Warmline operates 24 hours/day. The director shared that empathy is required to be a mentor or volunteer. Mentors are trained to provide free and confidential emotional support over the phone to those feeling lonely. Life is funny in that you can be “successful” (i.e., have a career that’s going for you with good social circle,  you could still feel lonely and that’s okay). You are not alone.

A listening ear is just a phone call away.

This program has been a lifeline to many. I encourage you to look into your area if this program exists already. For those in OC, LA, or SF, this program exists already. There’s an option to also text someone. How cool is that?


OC Warmline,, phone: 714-991-6412
LA Warmline,, phone: 855-952-9276

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