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November 2016

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What safe feels like

“That you taught me what safe feels like” are the final words uttered from Rory, one of the main characters, to Dean, her first boyfriend, in the last episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Today I want to reflect the thought back to you to consider if you are in safe relationships, where you feel accepted, valued, calm, unthreatened etc. This is often referred to as emotional safety. Everyone deserves to be in safe relationships. Consider the relationships you are in  ...

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Warmline = Lifeline

Ever feel lonely, especially during late hours of the night? No one to call? Call the Warmline. Today I had the honor of learning about a cool program NAMI Warmline OC that operates a stunning 18 hours a day, until 3 AM! LA Warmline operates during the nights until 6 AM. SF Warmline operates 24 hours/day. The director shared that empathy is required to be a mentor or volunteer. Mentors are trained to provide free and confidential emotional support over the phone to those feeling lonely.  ...

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Be okay with right now

Oftentimes, we are lost in thoughts, imagining a life far off into the future, where things are much better, which can often create anxiety or worry OR we are stuck in the past, replaying those happy memories or painful memories, which often can create regret, sadness, or stress. How about right now? I surely don’t know what will happen five minutes, five days, or five months from now. What I do know is that I can control this moment right now as you’re reading this. So  ...

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