The one app that I use every single day and it’s a life-changer

Hello, friends. I’ll get straight to the point. Ever since I got into meditation since January of 2015 (I’m now a certified meditation instructor), it’s been life changing for me. However, I wasn’t as committed to practicing until my grandma’s passing on April 13, 2016. Since then I’ve been practicing every day. I knew that I couldn’t take life for granted and that every moment on this planet is a special one. I don’t know when I go to sleep at night that I will wake up in the morning. This is truth. It’s hard to swallow the truth some times. There are so many forms of meditation out there. Currently I’ve been obsessed with using “Insight Timer,” the user-friendly app, to keep track of my meditation practice. There are also a plethora of guided meditations readily available through the app. I highly recommend. I even use it for my little ones in therapy. A crowd favorite is the snowman one. Some of the voices are in British accent, so it’s quite awesome. Check it out! It’s free, available on iTunes and Google Play.





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