Bringing Coloring Back

One of my favorite things to do as a child was coloring. I remember coloring pages of Sailor Moon, the walls, and anything else I could get my tiny hands on. As an adult I’m happy to see the popularity of coloring on the rise again. I went into Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and to my surprise, there was a table dedicated to just coloring books waiting for its artists to bring them to life.

I’ve decided to purchase one with the intention of doing it myself, perhaps a page a night or something. I’ve also decided to bring it with me to therapy sessions. Last week I asked my adult patient, who’s been bed bound for the past month, if she likes to color. She said “yes,” I whipped out my coloring book of flowers, and she got to coloring right away. Her fingers were busy painting the roses to life, and when I asked her to use the weaker hand she did it. I then pulled out a good old hair roller to add width to the colored pencil. Her motivation was astounding. She could attend to the activity for almost 10 minutes without any mention of pain or tiredness. She did this after transferring from bed to wheelchair to sofa with my help. She was a trooper. We celebrated with a few more colors. Her husband never knew she loved coloring. He promised her that he’ll buy her some coloring books and hair roller 😉

A few hours after I came home from my session. I received a phone call. I did not pick up, but instead waited until I could check the voicemail. My patient’s husband called. My heart dropped. He said he had news. By this point I expected the worst, but to my surprise, he called to share the news that she had just done a transfer on her own without any help. I couldn’t stop grinning and smiling for the rest of the night. Hard work does pay off. I am so proud of our work together. Fight on.



My patient’s coloring

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